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Snelham Photography

Centered in Western Massachusetts, but traveling the country, Tom Snelham and Robbie Calliham search out unique and wonderful shots- We love black & white as well as spectacular color in our landscapes.We are fascinated by birds. birds of prey and wildlife of all types- but we specialize in Moose, Bear, Loons, and all sorts of raptors.

For years, we have used Photo to display photos with 10s of thousands of visits. The site has closed without informing us. (Nor refunding any money.) We are currently looking for an alternative.

Visit our galleries. We are currently redoing our galleries, and adding pictures regularly. We have moved away from Flash as a methodology and to a photo album type gallery. The new systems is iPhone, iPad, smartphone friendly. We know you will like it. When you see something you would like to purchase, please contact us. Include the image number, and we will contact you quickly with pricing.


The video below shows the male Great Blue Heron getting a stick from the reeds, bringing it to the female, and handing if off, so that she may place it in the nest.
The video below shows the gull getting in to and eating fish that a commercial fisherman had put on the docks.